Before filling out the adoption application please read the text on the available puppies page many questions are answered there, read the info regarding oral flea medications if you are interested in adopting a puppy from us we do not allow our puppies to go to homes that feed these monthly pesticides!


We are Located in Northern Arizona we can usually deliver to Payson as well as Flagstaff  Arizona free of charge or can arrange a transport by nanny or a family member for a fee if distance is an issue.

Southern California delivery free of charge in Corona, Yorba Linda / Orange County but ONLY on specific dates ask for details. Deliveries to the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport are available as well either for a small delivery fee or free depending on the pick-up dates.

I do NOT wish ship puppies in cargo sorry. 

One of My Favorite places to shop!

Thrive Market for great prices on healthy and organic food choices at great prices delivered to your door this is where we shop!