Available Cavalier Puppies

Updated 1-25

We have a few beautifully marked newborn  Tri-color and Blenheim males that will become available for reservation After February 8th when their eye are open.

If interested please have patience until the 8th while we decide which puppies will be available for reservation, I will answer all inquiries starting on the 8th.


If you are interested in adopting a puppy please first read all of the text below before inquiring, many questions you may have are already usually answered there!

*I do not hold pups for anyone unless you have sent the hold and contract back to me first no matter how interested you may express that you are. There are times that I have 20+ very nice interested people/families in the same puppy. I have to choose 1 family per puppy this is very hard for me most times, if you are not ready to commit 100% and that puppy you are interested in but have not yet committed and that pup is adopted by someone else I will not be harassed with tantrums and you will be blocked and never considered for a future puppy from us again, it is not fair for me to hold out on others thank you for understanding.

I know it is a bit redundant but the same info and a little more is also on my Bringing home your New Puppy Page


All Puppies are Adopted as Cherished Family Companions only not for breeding.

Parents Have Very Nice Desirable Pedigrees All With Genetically Sound Healthy Lineages.  

None of our breeding dogs have tested for or show any signs of illness or disease prior to being bred. 


We do not adopt our puppies to Pet stores nor do we take offers from 3rd party brokers PLEASE do not call if these are your intentions we are not interested!!!

If you have called and I didn’t return your call please email me through the Adoption Application on the contact page for a quicker response, I get a tremendous amount of phone messages and do have a hard time calling everyone back or even getting to listening to them all especially when we have puppies, my apologies.  

 If you would like to place a hold  for one of our future litters you will need to contact me first let me know a bit about the life you intend to give a future puppy and about yourself ! If we are comfortable with each other and you are ready to commit to adopting a new baby I will send you a contract and you can return it with the hold fee then you will be placed on the list for your selected sex or color when we next have pups available. I do not hold pups for anyone anymore unless you have sent a hold and contract back to me first. ***I always reserve the right to have first pick for myself.***

Our Puppy Adoption Process 

First fill out the Adoption Application

Please unblock your phone # if you call I will not accept private phone numbers.

I will get back with you usually with 24-48 hours by either phone or Email.

If we are comfortable with each other and decide we are a good match I will reserve a puppy for you, to reserve a puppy I will take a *non-refundable hold fee and send you a contract/health guarantee to be sent back to me.  Once I get the hold fee and signed contract I will no longer list that puppy for adoption, the hold fee is only transferable to a different puppy up until the pup you have chosen is 4 weeks old after that it is not transferable, I rarely take holds for unborn puppies anymore maybe on certain occasions, if you would like to be notified of a pending birth please let me know and I will do my best to get back with you timely. 

If you have a puppy reserved we can make arrangements to have FaceTime calls bi-weekly if your pup is too young to go home then you can watch them in real time!

 I do NOT allow visitors until all of our reserved pups have gone to their new homes and they are all over 12 weeks and vaccinated this is for many reasons puppies health is the main reason. Im not willing to potentially get my puppies sick many of them have new families already and it is my responsibility to protect them for their sake and their new families as well. 

They will come with age appropriate vaccines and de-worming plus a genetic health Guarantee and vaccination paperwork along with some food a vitamin sample a toy and something that they have snuggled in the puppy pen with their siblings for a few days.

We are looking to place our puppies in happy PET homes to be the ultimate loving companions for the right families. If you have or a family member have allergies, you work extended hours or intend to vacation often without bringing your Cavalier this is the wrong breed for you and you may want to rethink getting a dog period. Cavaliers love to kiss you sit in your lap and be pampered and loved.

If you are looking to show or breed expect to give references, yes I will contact them, give me a bit of your breeding history and knowledge level, let me know the name of your website, mentor/s etc. Im not looking to place my babies in breeding homes of those that I do not already work with know and trust, in general I will be keeping all show pups back for myself and/or friends so it is not likely that I will have such a pup available to breeders I do not know.

I very rarely let my puppies leave me with Open AKC Breeding rights, they are adopted as companions as stated in the contract, if you wish to breed a dog you got from me, any puppies you produce will not be registrable with  Open AKC unless you are approved by me to open registration.

Our Puppies come with a 1 year Life Threatening genetic health guarantee.

This covers genetic defects that are as stated “life threatening” within the first year of life.  This does not cover issues such as umbilical hernia, spay and or neuter,  grooming, normal pet maintenance, teeth pulling,  over or under bites patellas etc.  We do not cover any vet visits once the puppy leaves our care.  I do not like having to state this so strongly but have had a couple of unreasonable requests over the last 20 some years in which a couple of people expected me to have their dog groomed, teeth pulled and 1 asked me to have their girl spayed  for them (I do not force a spay or neuter clause this is a personal decision each owner must make with their pups health to be considered first) which is not my nor should be considered our responsibility each pup is different and living situations vary.

After leaving my care all dogs must be fed high quality foods and kept in good physical condition not over or under weight.

Most of our puppies/dogs will be or can be registered with the AKC some may be eligible for dual registrations.

Things to think about before getting a puppy.

*  Who will be primarily responsible for the dog’s care? —— It is always best for an adult to be the main trainer and care giver even if the pup is meant to be a buddy for your child. Kids should never be responsible for the life and training of a puppy alone though I do believe with supervision this can be a great experience to teach kids responsibility and patience. Let them do the feeding clean-up and training but with adult guidance never alone you do not want to put all the “work” on a child and make them resent the dog this can lead to bad habits by both child and puppy.

*  Do you have the time to meet the needs of the puppy/dog? Time for feeding, training and exercise?

—— Cavailers are easily trained but if not given proper training early on you can be dealing with a very “bad” dog all dogs need proper training from the start and should know basic manners, come or stay commands can save your dogs life as well as training to not run out the front door.

——- Pups should be fed 2-3 times per day I do not free feed puppies as to help control growth and weight. Plus this makes potty training much easier. I suggest feeding when you will be able to spend the next hour watching you pup to see him or her sniffing for a spot to “go” then call his or her name and direct them to the correct spot and say “go potty” do not carry them though, let them come to you then praise if they have gone in the spot you have taken them to. Dogs need play time,  with small pups it can be as little as 15 minutes then its snuggle time usually. They should never be let to run hard until full grown this is very damaging to the skeleton pups should have a place to run around chase toys to keep strong muscles as he or she grows the play can become longer and harder playing on slick surfaces is a big no-no they can slip and pull muscles grass is good when out back but in the house carpet, rugs and non-slip areas are best. I buy kids foam mats for them to play on and plenty of blankets. In the first several months you should have the sit, come and stay commands trained plus walking next to you on a lead (heal) at a minimum then you can move on to funner tricks like shake, other paw, roll over etc.  I prefer harnesses to collars for training as I have heard of people collapsing a pup trachea trying to make them slow down.

*  Do you have children? If so, how old are they? How would they be instructed in the care of the dog?  —–  House holds with rough out of control kids need to have the kids under control before getting any dog or any pet for that matter. On the other hand if you have outgoing well behaved gentle kids a cavalier puppy can be a child’s best friend. I would never leave a baby alone with a cavalier or any other dog for that matter I’m seeing so many internet photos of babies on blankets with dogs although cavaliers are known for their gentle nature  would never leave them alone with a small child or baby.

*  Does anyone in the household have allergies? —— Cavaliers are NOT hypoallergenic dogs. And if you suddenly realize after bringing  your puppy home someone in the house has allergies I will take the pup back but do not refund the purchase price.

*  Are you willing to never give your dog Oral flea treatments? —— Cavaliers and many other breeds are sensitive to theses poisons and after just 1-2 doses they can kill a dog, Any person or family that adopts a puppy from me must promise never to give Oral flee preventatives ever even if prescribed by a vet!

(I feel very strongly about this so please do not ask to adopt a puppy from me if you are not willing to sign a contract stating that you will not be using oral flea treatments!!!)

*  How often is someone at home? —— Cavailers love company they can become depressed if left alone for too long. If you plan to leave your Cavailer without a play buddy (dog or cat) family member for over extended periods often you should rethink getting a puppy. If on a rare occasion you need to be away for several hours I suggest kenneling like in the corner of the kitchen a laundry room or bathroom until you can get home to snuggle and play with your baby.

 As stated above young puppies need short play times several times a day then mostly cuddling. As they get older and all vaccines are given you can take them out starting with short walks around the block usually 1-2 times daily is enough for most Cavailers. Even a small backyard can provide all the exercise they need.

*What will happen to the puppy if you can no longer care for him?  ——    If your life situation changes and for any reason you can no longer keep him or her I need to be notified immediately.  I will either keep or find a good home likely with a family member of mine but you are NEVER allowed to surrender him or her to the pound call me first per my contract.

Question often asked… Do boys or girls make better pets?

Often times you will see cavalier breeders post this saying

“The girls love you… But the boys are in love with you…”

Well I have had many dogs many breeds and many Cavaliers.

If you ask me boy vs. girl I would say they are all different.

All girls do not have the same personality neither do all boys, they are individuals and in general all cavaliers are very similar in that they are needy loving dogs.

My girls and boys have all been very loving some demand constant attention others are happy to get a belly rub then run off and chase birds or butterflies or just fall asleep on their bed away from me.

After bringing your puppy home

First vet appt. should be within 72 hours of bringing your pup home please make this appointment ahead of time.

NO shots at this appointment for ANY reason even if your vet says it is needed, this could make your pup very ill or worse! He or she has just received a vaccination. Your puppy will also have just been dewormed with safe guard dewormer for 3-5 straight days and should not need any deworming again for 1-2 weeks unless a stool sample reveals otherwise then your vet will be able to advise. I worm all of my puppies every 2 weeks until 16 weeks of age Tractor supply has Nemex 2 or safeguard you can buy and easily give to your puppy these are just as effective as anything your vet will offer you. 

Feeding:  When you pick up your new cavalier puppy I will send some of the food that they have been eating.  All pups will be weaned properly before leaving me,  They will be eating Diamond Naturals Small Breed Puppy and half a tab of NuVet plus per day to order online  http://www.nuvet.com/79667 or by phone at 1-800-474-7044 our breeder code is 79667. I will also give you a sample, clean fresh water should be available at all times as well.

Puppy Immunity and how NuVet vitamins can help.

 Switching foods abruptly will cause tummy problems and cause extra stress on your new puppy. Your puppy will already be under the stress of leaving his or her home it is not wise to change foods right away. If you choose to switch foods it needs to be done very slowly over a 4-6 week period. And please wait at least 1 month to begin this process until your pup is well adjusted to his or her new home.

By 9 months your puppy will be ready to switch to an adult or all stages diet this can help control weight and keep you dog in good condition puppy food is high in calories which is not necessary for an older pup, being overweight can lead to many problems with joints and heart. This is also why I do not believe in giving table scrapes or free feeding!

These are the foods I use for my adult dogs, to help you start to decide which food to switch your pup to after 9 months.

Wellness Core Ocean White Fish

Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch

Natures Variety Instinct

Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice

Throughout your dogs life I recommend using only premium foods you can also top off kibble with BPA free canned 5 star foods that do not contain carrageenan and/or colorings natural or artificial, I use dehydrated raw bits (Natures Variety).  With kibble I stay away from most foods especially foods with corn, bi-products that are unspecified,  medandione (synthetic vitamin k) or anything else unspecified like animal fat. Say the bi-product is something nutritious it will be labeled as an ingredient and while even chicken feet can be healthy for dogs if the foods are not specific you can be feeding your dog  sick slaughter house animals, or even feathers when feeding bi-products. I like to see meat and meat meals as the first ingredients and chelated minerals as well as pro and/or pre-biotics at the bottom of the list. Also a fresh raw diet is always an option but for most owners not feasible  and needs much research to be able to do without causing your dog any deficiencies or making you and your family sick. There are online companies that sell these diets already prepared if you feel it best or Petco and Petsmart have a refrigerated section with some raw diets as well most dogs do well on them, some wont touch them, you must not leave them to sit out and spoil also these are usually pasteurized which kills off nutrients and enzymes as well as bacteria so they are often put back into the food artificially keep that in mind. I do not feed raw to any pups under 9 months any raw that I do allow my dogs to have is homegrown not from a grocery store, mainly only chicken feet hearts livers.

However if you have a puppy that is a particularly hard to feed I will suggest Royal Canin Small Breed Puppy as a mixer so your puppy isn’t starving! You can also try adding a little canned food on top to make it appealing.

http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/  has some good info to help you understand label reading so you can easily understand what to feed and what not to feed and why.

Safety: I also recommend that you get an x-pen or IRIS USA Indoor/Outdoor Plastic Pet Pen or some kind of safe puppy enclosure for when you are away from home or around the house but puppy is not being supervised.  You would be surprised at what trouble a puppy can find if they are left roaming the house. I also firmly believe that all dogs should be crate trained you should get a medium sized crate…. I have already introduced them to the crate starting at 3 weeks they all pile in to sleep at night naturally,  I do not have to train this behavior so they should have no problem adjusting but it may be best to let them sleep next to you until they get used to sleeping alone as they are now sleeping with their litter mates. They also like to have a comfy bed or pillow to sleep on.

Human Furniture

Never leave a puppy on a couch, bed or piece of furniture that your puppy is unable to jump up on himself. If your puppy can jump up on the furniture on their own they are strong enough to jump off on their own. Toy breeds especially are prone to injuries more than larger breeds when it comes to jumping up and down off things. I highly recommend a doggy ramp or doggy stairs for furniture items like a human bed or a couch if your dog is going to be allowed to use these pieces of furniture for lounging on regularly. The wear and tear it can save on your dog’s leg muscles and joints can be well worth the effort once they reach their geriatric years. The time is now to begin teaching your puppy he must ask before getting on ANYTHING except his bed.

Flooring dangers

Many homes today have hard wood floors, tile, vinyl, or even stained concrete flooring. As does ours. Carpet isn’t as durable over time as these other types of flooring. There is not 1 stitch of carpet in our home. As your puppy matures the hair between their pads will grow quickly and you will need to keep up with a regular clipping schedule to keep your puppy from having difficulty obtaining a good footing with each step they take. I also highly recommend adding rugs that are washable in your washing machine throughout the common areas your puppy will walk through. This will help give them better footing. Bad footing over a prolonged period of time, especially during the growing period for a puppy could have a huge impact on their structural development and cause slipped patellas which is a common disorder in toy breeds. Also try to limit running and playing in your home if you do have flooring that is more slippery for a puppy. The best surface a puppy can run and play on is a enclosed yard with grass. The more a puppy runs and stops abruptly in a house to avoid furniture the more they wear out their little bodies. Outside running where they can run and slow down before stopping is much safer on them structurally. Puppies also tend to dive and roll and the grass is a much safer location for them to do this on. 

Electricity and puppies!

Normally, one of the first things we might do when expecting a baby is put those plastic electrical plug protectors inside all our unused electrical sockets. Puppies sometimes, however, have been known to be more attracted to electrical outlets with these protectors in them versus the electrical outlet being left open and unused. The biggest electrical threat to puppies is cords being within their reach. Even if an item is plugged in, but not turned on the electrical shock your puppy could receive if it manages to bite through a cord could kill or severely harm your puppy. Make sure all cords are out of reach from your puppy at all times. 

Food and Water bowls: Cavaliers tend to get their ears wet,  so for drinking I recommend a spaniel bowl or a lix-it water bottle (my favorite) so that you can avoid wet matted ears. I clean the inside of their ears with unrefined coconut oil and a soft cotton ball as it is a natural anti fungal anti bacterial and great for the skin. Another favorite if I need to flush their ears is Chlorhexidine.

Teeth: Cavaliers need at least weekly brushing though daily is best, a finger tooth brush or even a paper towel works fine I use gel toothpaste you can even get it at Wal-Mart. Do not neglect this very very important part of grooming dogs with have gum disease are much more likely to have heart problems due to bacteria and infection in their blood. Small breed dogs can quickly get gum disease within a very short time even by 1-1.5 years of age if not properly cared for, I think this is by far the most overlooked part of grooming that most pet parents are guilty of!!! 

Eyes: Because Cavaliers have large eyes and they can have issues with tear staining under their eyes. This is seen a lot in teething puppies of all breeds mostly between 5-20 weeks off and on. These marks can be unattractive and may produce an odor if not maintained. I use unfiltered apple cider vinegar in their water just a 1/2 tsp. in an average sized small bowl to prevent yeast growth, your puppy will be used to drinking it, you can also add to their food  some whole fat organic yogurt or better yet unpasteurized goat keifer I make my own but you can buy it at Sprouts, it only takes a cap-full per an average bowl of water not only does this help the eyes by helping the body fend off yeast but it also aids in digestion of proteins and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and viruses in the digestive tract. As a bonus, it does not interfere with the body’s beneficial bacteria, which are the immune system’s first line of defense against harmful microbes. There are so many things that ACV is good for even parasite control that I highly recommend you continue using it I buy Bragg brand unpasteurized with “the mother”. I never recommend angel eyes it is an antibiotic and only a temporary fix plus it is not safe to give antibiotics in low doses ongoingly antibiotics only kill the good gut bacteria this is no good for overall health. After the teething process is over the watery eyes will go away if it does not your water may have too many minerals (too hard) which can clog the tear ducts or your pup may have a food allergy.

Nails: They should be clipped or filed bi-weekly to monthly I use a buffer after to smooth them out with adults I like using a dremmel or even a pedi paws but you need to get you puppy used to it early on by turning it on and just letting it run so they can feel the vibration. I also think if you will not be showing your puppy its a good idea to shave the hair up under the paw pads as your puppy grows this hair will be like little mops attracting dirt, mud, urine or even feces.

Brushing & Bathing: Cavaliers need minimal brushing mostly behind the ears chest and armpits. every other day or as needed and I like to give them a bath at least once a month to every other week depending on how much outside playtime they have had. They are not all “foofoo” dogs and do enjoy playing in the yard as much as they enjoy your couch or lap,  so that is when the need the most brushing. Shampoos I use are Chris Christensen shampoos, sprays and conditioners if I am out of those I will use “Anypet” brand puppy shampoo it has the most amazing fragrance that will last for about 2 weeks and also conditions, or nature’s miracle shampoo for puppies. If you are looking for a non detergent shampoo that has super lather  https://www.amazon.com/Kelco-50-Filthy-Animal-Shampoo/dp/B001KPEF0K

Kelco is one used by many groomers I use it especially on my golden retriever a little goes a long way and it will get rid of doggie odors for about 2 weeks. I use a regular pin brush and a small plastic comb for grooming my cavaliers. To finish them after they are all brushed out I use a inexpensive Goodie brand boars hair brush I got at Walmart in the “peoples” hair section make the coat silky and shiny.

www.groomersparadise.com/panagenics_spray.htm   This is a fantastic product as well and this site has some good grooming tips.

I do like to take my cavaliers to a good groomer every 2-3 months to get a really good pedicure and ear cleaning as well it is not necessary but I just love the way they smell and feel  when they come home we go to Clippendales here locally in Hemet they are reasonably priced and do a great job.

I feel it is best to let the groomers give your dog at least full quarterly grooming because they do a far superior job on ear and teeth cleaning as well as a beautiful smooth pedicure. This generally only costs about $35 for a small breed dog, well worth  it for the look and health of you pet!

Flea treatments: By adopting a puppy from me you will sign a contract, in this contract you are agreeing to never under any circumstance even with a vet prescription give oral flee medication ie: NexGard, Trifexis, Bravecto, Comfortis, Sentinel, Capstar, Simparica Advantus or any other new oral medications that have or may come out. They are like ingesting raid, dangerous and potentially deadly and may cause symptoms like extreme scratching for no reason, losing ability to walk, irregular breathing, seizures, uncontrollable bowels, hair loss or even death within hours to days of taking the medications and can take up to 3 months to fully leave the body. What is worse the dog may take the first dose and have slight reaction then after taking the second or third dose acquire an extreme allergy to these drugs so it is very hard for vets to diagnose properly and many even seasoned vets do not know about this or take the time to look up the statistics of illness or deaths to understand the dangers of what they are prescribing. If flea meds are necessary my first choice would be something all natural like DE or coconut oil even Dawn dish soap, as far as prescription drugs I would likely choose Revolution if I had to use a “drug”this also covers heart worm and ear mites and is safe as far as I have researched for Cavaliers. I do not use any drugs for my pets however, we choose to stay natural. Cavaliers are highly sensitive to these oral medications so whether you adopt a puppy from me or someone else please do your research on this matter before poisoning your pets.

Toys: Puppies need lots of toys I use real baby rattles soft and hard tough balls that are large enough to not get stuck in their mouth Nylabone toys with bacon sent are okay.   I DO NOT ever give raw hide pups can choke and die on it plus it is an indigestible chemically processed worthless “treat” I don’t recommend deer antlers as I have heard that pups can break their teeth on them I even have a friend who’s large breed dog broke several teeth on one please do not give these to any dog.  Toys need to be checked regularly to be sure they are not losing small pieces your puppy can choke on. Most squeaky toys can be dangerous and need to be checked regularly they are a favorite and we do buy them but only the kind that do not have the round squeaker that can be chocked on plastic  water bottles without tops make good temporary toys as well but still need to be checked often too!

Training treats: I like string cheese hormone free, cooked chicken bits Natures variety instinct raw boost dehydrated are our personal favorite dry treats or dried liver or lungs if you are away from home and need something dry and unrefrigerated. We do not use commercial treats like puperoni etc. too many recalls plus they are usually full of junk and preservatives.


You need to train your puppy like you are the pack leader you can be firm yet gentle just as their mothers are to them when they are still with her. Mothers do not let their pups get away with behaviors she does not like and will let them know firmly without hurting them,  you need to continue to do this don’t let cuteness trick you into allowing your puppy to be the boss at any time any “bad” behaviors need to be dealt with immediately so your puppy will be the perfect pet you are dreaming of this is up to you to teach!

ID. Cavaliers need I.D. as well they are very super friendly and should never be off leash unless in a controlled environment and should never be allowed to escape your yard or home…


Vaccinations need to be kept up We give the first one at 8 weeks. You should have your vet give the second at 12-16 weeks and third between 18-20!   3 weeks minimum should be given between shots no exceptions. I don’t let any puppies out side until 20 weeks or 2 weeks post final vaccination when they have a strong immune system. Vaccines tear down the immune system for about 2 weeks while the body learns to fight them off  this is why it is so important to wait at least 2 weeks before your pup is actually protected before letting them into the public!!!

Never take you new puppy to parks pet stores or dog parks until they are fully vaccinated and after the 2 week post final vaccination time!!!


You need to keep you dog physically fit throughout his/her life, a dog that is just 5 pounds overweight is much more likely to acquire heart and other health issues. Please do not over feed or under or even over exercise your dog/s. The body should neither look round, nor should you see rib bones.


When is it best to spay/neuter? I get asked about this often. It’s so important that I decided to provide my thoughts. No I do not condone early spay/neuter! Nor will I bash it!

Why do we recommend waiting until your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy is over 12 months to spay or neuter? Wouldn’t Bob Barker be upset?

Depending on your situation, how many pets you have what sexes are they spayed or neutered are factors, as behaviors could arise if you do not however…

There are a lot of health and behavior dangers associated with spaying too young. It is best to wait until 18-24 months when all the growth plates have closed. It is the sex hormones that tell bones how to grow and when to stop growing.

We can tell a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who was spayed too young on first sight. They grow taller and leggier with shaggy coats many are overweight this is a bad combo. I can’t imagine that a human would grow properly without hormone therapy if she received a full hysterectomy before puberty!

Recent studies show double the incidence of hip dysplasia in early neutered males compared with intact males. (This study was just males) In females, we know that early spaying impairs the development of the urinary tract and leads to urinary incontinence. For more detailed scientific study, you can this document: Long-Term Health Risks and Benefits Associated with Spay / Neuter in Dogs.

A little bit of inconvenience now will give your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy a longer, healthier life. Again however…

Some conflicting things to consider, do you have 2 intact males or females that you do not intend to breed? Well if you do be ready for a potential dominance stand off! All breeds can succumb to this no matter how gentle and sweet you feel your babies are

I do not force upon my puppy families a spay or neuter contract I trust and feel it is up to you personally to decide what, depending on your situation is best for your pup. I also feel if you have a vets opinion on this issue get a second or third talk to as many pet owners as you can and the outcomes they have experienced. All dogs do not fit the same mold as we do not either but waiting until 12 months minimum is always safest.

I want your pets to be healthy and happy whether they come from me or not this issue is an important one for the health and well being of your dogs  you and your family.

Umbilical Hernia – I can usually tell by seven to 10 weeks of age if one of my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies is going to have a little hernia. Umbilical hernias are usually caused by chewing/cutting the umbilical cord too short by the dam or the cord being under stress or unusually short at delivery.  There are many disagreeing studies that they may or may not be hereditary. The mode of inheritance is unknown, but regardless this condition is minor in comparison and not a health issue.

What actually is a umbilical hernia? If the umbilical ring does not close immediately after birth sometimes a little fatty tissue is trapped on the outside of the abdomen after the ring closes causing a bubble-like area where the umbilical cord was attached. If the bubble cannot be pushed back up into the abdomen it is called a non-reducible hernia. If the bubble can be pushed back up into the abdomen then it is called a reducible hernia. Sometimes people refer to them as an “outie”  In either case, about 99% of the time they are completely harmless. Some DVM’s and puppy families opt to never do a thing about them, while others opt to fix them during sterilization. They are very common in small breed dogs.A companion pet owner need not be alarmed if their new Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy does have an umbilical hernia. As I said before, it can easily be corrected during the spay/neuter process personally I would just leave it alone as they pose no threat to the dog.“Umbilical hernias” can appear on any breed of dogs. They really are just a part of each puppies own uniqueness as are our belly buttons.  Just seems to me, we have given them an extremely medical term for canines.

Inguinal Hernia – This is the condition which is the result of abdominal organs, fat or tissue protruding through the inguinal ring. Inguinal hernias are presented as skin-covered bulges in the groin. They can be bilateral, involving both sides, or unilateral, involving only one side. Inguinal hernias are more common in females than males, but do occur in both sexes. As with umbilical hernias most inguinal hernias will shrink and disappear as the puppy grows, although you and your vet must keep an eye on the size of the hernia(s). They are a bit less common than Umbilical hernias but still happen now and then. If your puppy is found to have anInguinal hernia I will send you $50 to repair if it occurs on both sides I will send you $100. This should cover the extra fee when you have your puppy spayed only if you provide written proof from your vet. This is not written in my contract but I will still honor this.

Foods not to feed:

Chocolate coffee tea or any other foods containing caffeine

Cat food,  Yeast dough can cause gas and rupture the stomach or intestines,  Baby food containing onion powder,  Onions, onion powder,  Garlic, garlic powder,  Grapes or raisins, Cooked or small pointy bones,  citrus peel oil,  Fat trimmings from meat,  Human Vitamins with iron

Salt, Mushrooms, Sugar or sugary foods, Hops or alcoholic beverages, Large amounts of liver

potato rhubarb or tomato plant leaves

Raw eggs contains an enzyme called avidin that causes the body to block Biotin aka vitamin B so long term they are no good for your pup

Raw Fish, Persimmon seeds, macadamia nuts plus many other nuts, apple seeds

Wisteria pods are also dangerous

Please do plenty of research about plants and flowers that are toxic to dogs. Indoor or Out.  Talk to your local nursery about safe non toxic landscaping. If you have bark or other ground cover in your flower beds or in your yard where your puppy has access to it they are going to try and eat it and it could be toxic. Even if you have a type of bark that is not toxic they will want to chew on it and could likely ingest enough to make them sick. 


Try not to use anything with sol in it i.e. Pinesol Lysol.

Vinegar is great non toxic cleaner this is my first choice. Cleaning vinegar is best it has a higher Ph.

Chlorahexidine is another good choice for cleaning, safe, fresh smelling and non-toxic used in most vets offices this is the one and only exception I make in using chemical cleaners.

I also use heat by means of a steamer at 240 degrees on all hard and soft surfaces.

You can buy a handheld professional steamer on amazon for a pretty reasonable price its worth the investment for your family and your pets to stay chemical free.

For the yard on concrete or gravel or even clean dirt I use a handheld blowtorch you can get at any home improvement store.

All of the info on Charmere Cavaliers was written by me personally over many years, if anyone as a breeder would like to use some of my practices on a different site please give credit to Charmere Cavaliers. 

We are Located in Northern Arizona we can usually deliver to Payson as well as Flagstaff  Arizona free of charge or can arrange a transport by nanny or a family member for a fee if distance is an issue.

Southern California delivery free of charge in Corona, Yorba Linda  possibly different parts of Orange County but ONLY on specific dates ask for details. Deliveries to the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport are available as well either for a small delivery fee or free depending on the pick-up dates.

I do NOT wish ship puppies in cargo sorry.