Charmere’s Barefoot In The Garden


Blossom is about 17 pounds she has huge round soft expressive eyes with nice double dark pigment on her eyes and nose high perfectly set ears plus deep Blenheim color she is a beautiful girl and oh so sweet, she is fun and extremely loving. She is a patient mom and always by my side, I have had her since birth same with her sisters Ellie and Minnie and still have her momma Brighton who is now retired. She is Ellies younger sister and will follow her everywhere these two have been bonded since a young age.



bloss1 bloss3 bloss4 bloss6

Baby Blossom


Blossom’s OFA Heart Certification

dontwaannagobed elblossatbedtime

Eliade and her sister Blossom getting ready for bed Above 

Elie and Blossom hangin out in the back yard <3

Video of Ellie Blossom and Finn


Tyki Below he is sire to Eliade and Blossom

tykyard2 tyki28-8

Tykis Health Certs

pennyped birthdayboyped

penny birthdayboy

Grandmother Penny (tri)        Grandfather Cooper Ch. Birthday Boy (Blenheim)

Grandmother Penny’s health certs

Grandfather Ch. Birthday Boy’s Health Certs

Mother is Brighton Below

Allevato Brighton My Day

Mother to Ellie, Blossom and Minnie

Below is Brighton!

She is our pretty tricolor cavalier about 17 pounds a beautiful girl!

She is very smart easily trained and a complete cuddle bug! She loves to lounge around and snuggle.



422_DSCN4895_2_ 220_DSCN4900_2_

brightzaz Brin





Brighton’s Health Certs


Grandmother Crystal (Blenheim 2nd dog on right) Grandfather Rooster (tri)

2nddogbsmom rooster2